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Mini-digital Sabbatical

13 Feb

Not that you should miss me too much or anything, but I’m going to be dropping offline for a few weeks. I have a huge university deadline coming up in the next fortnight, the first chapter of my doctoral dissertation is due, and considering I want to be on the home straight this time next year I need to get my head into the game a bit more.

I will still be available by email to those I know well enough to have passed on the address to, or see in person regularly, but the time for self-imposed hermitage is upon me and I shall be knocking off the sync on my social networking accounts in an hour or two. Next time you see me, I shall be sipping a fine Armagnac and probably falling apart at the seams.


Where I’m coming from and where I’m going

8 Jan

First Post!

And with that out of the way, my rather self indulgent first post begins. This isn’t the first time that I have tried to keep a blog of one sort or another. My last attempt fizzled out after three longish posts spread out over a period of 6 months or so.

I was first tempted to excuse this with the usual ‘life got in the way’ excuse, but the truth is it didn’t. This can be a valid excuse certainly, but for me actually keeping a blog going can be as much about making a habit of it as having the time to post.

At the time I was very active in a number of online communities, in particular the Eirtaku (Irish Anime and Manga community) boards. Although recently ‘life has gotten in the way’ and the dwindling time available to me to spend watching anime and reading manga has resulted in a sad lack of contribution on those forums.

In recent months however, my long dormant Twitter account has received renewed attention. This is due to a number or reasons really, foremost is my use of the service as a newsfeed to keep up with news regarding hobbies, current affairs and academic stuff. Secondly, I have grown to hate every smartphone Facebook app I have tried in the last six months, and Twitter integration makes it easier to post to my Facebook account and upload pictures of my daughter to my web albums for family to view. As a result I have fostered a new microblogging habit and now habitually post about random stuff I am doing, coffee related thoughts, the odd news bite and various bits regarding Hana, my daughter, for my family and friends.

However recently, and I have been noticing this more and more, 140 words is too small a limit to get across some of my thoughts, on particular those that I would like to discuss in greater detail (read this as my academic interests in politics and conflict). This limitation has been getting under my skin and thus this blog was born. Continue reading


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